Flexibility in dressing

Free dress code policy


PI/PS payments based on management performance

Reward for excellent employees

Year-end reward for outstanding employees

Reward for long-term service

Reward for every three years of service

Staff dinner expenses

Quarterly support for team dinner expenses

Welcome Pack

Welcome pack for new hires

Birthday celebration

Birthday gift and a half day off


Support for workshops once a year for each division

Financial support for events

various subsidies for congratulations and condolences

Holiday gifts

Lunar New Year, Chuseok

Career Development

Job-related book purchase support

Emergency medicines

Various emergency medicines available

Recruitment procedures

We are seeking talented individuals who are passionate about creating a culture of ZERORISK through innovation, growth, and embracing challenge

Job application
document review
working-level interview
final interview
treatment consultation
Joining the company

Recruitment procedures for each position may be different.

The results of each stage of recruitment are notified via e-mail or by phone.


We are a company that grows together with an open mind, and always open to passionate, responsible, and positive talented individuals who can perform various jobs with expertise and unlimited potential.

If you share the value and service that RISKZERO provides, we invite you to apply now and join our team.