At RISKZERO, we are committed to improving worker safety
through the use of smart safety technology.

We provide a smart and safe workplace for site safety managers and workers.

Safety & Engineer

Smart Safety Patrol

Smart Safety Management

Accident risk prediction service for workers by analyzing accident cases in industrial sites

RISKZERO, our occupational safety solution, analyzes and converts data from various accident cases that have occurred in Korea and uses artificial intelligence prediction algorithms to provide workers with accurate accident risk prediction information,

Our Smart Patrol supports preventive activities by identifying and addressing risk factors through safety activities based on risk, with a focus on protecting high-risk workers.

Safety consulting and safety monitoring services to respond to the Serious Accidents Punishment Act

We provide integrated safety consulting and safety certification services in collaboration with professional consultants in safety with extensive practical experience and law firms for legal response.

We provide a smart patrol service that combines system operation/maintenance and on-site safety monitoring tasks required in the field.

Real-time integrated control service leveraging smart safety equipment data

By linking the data generated by smart safety equipment installed and operated on site, our monitoring service enables you to remotely monitor the site in real-time.

The real-time monitoring system alerts managers and workers to respond to accidents upon occurrence of an accident risk, and supports smart construction site operation by managing action details.

Best cases of applying smart safety technology

The recent strengthening of the Severe Accidents Punishment Act has elevated safety from a recommended practice to a legal necessity.

A number of public institutions and leading construction companies are example cases of ensuring smart construction safety sites with RISKZERO solutions.

RISKZERO does its level best to ensure workers’ safety.

RISKZERO provides a comprehensive range of safety work functions for worker safety and facility stability.

Integrated Dashboard (headquarters/site)

Our integrated management system allows you to manage by site risk level, worker status, safety performance, and smart safety equipment operation status from a single platform.

Worker attendance management

Our technologies optimized for the field, such as mobile facial recognition, QR code, and attendance kiosks allow you to manage worker access and basic information.

Worker safety management based on accident risk

Our system predicts the risk level of workers entering the site, enabling you provide proactive support for high-risk workers and manage inspection details for safety activities.

Risk assessment management

Our risk management system provides support for the creation of risk assessment tables, enabling you to leverage data and mobile processing functions to register, approve, or reject measures for hazardous factors and inspection results.

KOSHA-MS based safety work support

Our system provides support for systematic safety and health activities by organizing action plans (Plan), execution and operation (Do), and inspection and corrective actions (Check).

System link with smart safety equipment

Our real-time remote integrated control system is designed to recognize dangerous situations such as worker health issues, falls, and collisions, and enable the sharing of risk information between ordering organizations’ sites.

A number of public institutions, private companies, law firms, associations/academies, and research institutes work with RISKZERO.

Customer testimonials

A solution that connects all stakeholders at the construction site

Keeping all documents in one place

Safety and health manager

The RISKZERO manager system has allowed us to store safety and health activity history, all documents, photos and data in one place. Now, there is no need to deliver safety and health management to field team members in paper documents, and it is now possible to easily manage history.

Digital sign-off saves us a lot of time and money

Ordering organization’s safety manager

All forms are stored and organized in the RISKZERO APP. The mobile APP's fast and easy digital sign-off saves a lot of administrative time. The system can also be used to manage the quality and safety of subcontractor labor.

I can now check the status of a project in real time.

Ordering organization’s chief of safety operation

You can obtain the current status of all types of work without needing to visit the site. It is crucial to implement a solution that complies with the Serious Accidents Punishments Act. RISKZERO can optimize your site as a smart safety zone.

I now have a complete picture of my team’s work.

Officer in charge of safety and health

By having visibility into tasks and changes in work types, you can enhance your control over schedules and dependencies. Furthermore, you can track daily field reports, logs, as well as all project documentation and information, in a single solution.

Make you construction site smart and safe with RISKZERO services.